Hiring 55 Engineering, Product and Data roles for Comply Advantage

Comply Advantage needed to boost their talent team with some extra hirepower to support a large hiring drive across 3 key areas of their business. They worked with two of our Senior Talent Partners saving them in excess of £310k over a traditional recruitment agency solution.

A few key statistics

Saved In 12 Months
Project Extensions
Acceptance Rate
BOOSTA has played a key role in our recent hiring strategy, enabling us to ramp at pace and meet evolving hiring goals. Working as a partner they have demonstrated a proactivity in understanding our company, product, culture and ambitions to represent us well in a competitive hiring environment. They have also shown flexibility in the service, addressing delivery issues in a timely manner and realigning team members to our needs to support our priorities. We are grateful for their support, counsel and teamwork during their time with us.
Amanda Ward
VP People, Comply Advantage

The project launched with two senior talent partners joining Comply Advantage’s talent function to help build out their rapidly growing engineering and data teams in London, whilst also consulting on recruitment operations and scaling solutions. We were able to quickly make an impact, changing several internal interview processes to improve time to hire, improving the candidate experience and reducing the cost per hire by more than 50%.  

After this early success the team was increased to 3 heads and we began to start working with the product team supporting their hiring challenges across the U.S and London. After 6 months of consistent delivery BOOSTA were able to solve several challenges across all 3 business streams and were extended a third time to continue hitting the aggressive growth plans for the following year.

BOOSTA were able to save Comply Advantage over £310,000 in 12 months reducing the cost per hire by over half of their standard £12,000 agency average across Product and Engineering whilst maintaining an offer acceptance rate of 78% during a very challenging year when trying to attract and secure the top technology talent in the market.

At BOOSTA we pride ourselves on the work and culture we bring to our clients by fully embedding ourselves into the teams we work with. During the 12 months we were able implement new hiring process across Product, SRE and Engineering, we were also able to give market & industry insights using data and detailed reporting to help managers solve hiring challenges. Above all, we were able to add value for the duration of the partnership by delivering great hiring numbers, saving on agency recruitment costs as well as helping with diversity goals with more than 10% of our hires being female.

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