Trebling Foolproof's creative & tech team, securing 100+ people

Foolproof needed help expanding its Talent function, requiring two Senior Talent Partners with proven experience of Digital and Creative. BOOSTA delivered OPEX cost-savings of £203,198 on agency spend and a perfect example of service excellence and impact.

A few key statistics

Reduction in time to hire
Project extensions
Offer acceptance rate
Foolproof has partnered with BOOSTA as their dedicated embedded talent consultancy. Working together to deliver impactful hires against an ever-evolving landscape with priorities that can change on a daily basis needs understanding, trust, and a shared goal which is where this partnership really shows its true value.
Daria Johnson
Global Talent Director, Foolproof

Foolproof needed a solution that was able to help them swiftly expand their existing Talent function to help with large hiring volumes. With a high-urgency, high-demand business that encompasses multiple creative, digital and tech fields across a number of countries, this was no easy task. BOOSTA was happy to help, embedding two Senior Talent Partners with proven experience in Digital, Creative & Tech hiring, both contract and permanent.

We adapted quickly, working closely with the GlobalHead of Talent to ensure that in a highly complex and fluid consultancy environment, Foolproof could hire the right people, fast. We provided concurrent assistance in process streamlining to further aid Foolproof hit current and future recruitment targets. While helping Foolproof strengthen in house, we also hired them two studio teams from scratch in Greece and South Africa, both of which have proved a huge success.

BOOSTA does nothing by half— except when it’s good for business. We cut Foolproof’s CV-to-interview ratio from 4-to-1 to 2-to-1. Our impact on time to hire was also massive, a 48% reduction from 58 days to 32. The overall benefits BOOSTA provide over a standard agency model go beyond just time and money, but we’re delighted that so far we’ve saved Foolproof 50% on their hiring costs to the tune of £203,198 pounds through the course of our partnership.

Over 4 contract extensions we’ve continued to deliver while offering flexibility. We remain on hand to provide extra help when hiring demand spikes, whether that be in the UK mainland, Europe, South Africa, or wherever Foolproof decides to expand next. We look forward to giving their unrivalled talent pool the tools they need to realise their vision.

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