How we built 2 greenfield teams for Paddle across Data & Engineering and Finance.

Paddle initially required our expertise in building out a Data Engineering team from scratch and having immediately proved our value within the first month, they requested another Senior Talent Partner to join the non-tech team to attract talent in the UK, US, Germany & Austria.

A few key statistics

CV → Interview ratio
Offer Acceptance rate
BOOSTA was recommended to me when I was looking to scale the team quickly during a period of hyper-growth. Getting this partnership right isn’t easy, you need talent experts who can fit in and deliver quickly, credibly and in budget. What Gary and his team do well, and what I believe sets them apart, is hiring exceptional recruiters. The quality of the team assigned to us meant that they quickly added value and delivered strong results. When you’re growing at pace you simply don’t have time to hold hands. I wouldn’t hesitate to partner with BOOSTA again.
Jenna Green
Head of Talent, Paddle

BOOSTA were able to save Paddle £246k in 8 months and maintained an offer acceptance rate of 86%, securing 25 key hires out of the 29 total offers that were made. 

Paddle were in the process of acquiring their unicorn status and required specific industry knowledge that would help them advise stakeholders on building new teams across their growing commercial and technology functions. 

There was no Data Engineering team in place at Paddle and within 6 months were able to establish one. Through our trusted partnership with the Head of Data Engineering, we obtained a 100% CV to Interview ratio.

Our stellar work was also evident across Non-tech as well, acquiring Paddle’s first Financial Controller and building out that team, as well as possessing a 100% CV to interview ratio across roles in Risk. 

We reduced time to hire to as little as 7 days across certain roles and proved our value by creating and maintaining dependable relationships across all levels of the organization.

BOOSTA were instrumental in educating hiring managers on end-to-end hiring processes and empowered them to make informed decisions, enabling them to increase engagement with candidates and having a structured interview process that proved to be both efficient and effective.

A talent solution for every challenge.

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