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Team BOOSTA at Recfest

Last week, we headed to Recfest to get the low-down on current trends in Talent Acquisition, predictions for the industry, networking opportunities. Plus, we carried out our own guerrilla marketing campaign at the event, becoming the unofficial sponsors of Stevenage train station

Embedded Talent Acquisition

Last week, the BOOSTA team headed to Recfest; the most highly-anticipated event of the year for Talent Acquisiton professionals.

Against the backdrop of several challenging years, Recfest aimed to explore how the industry could bounce back and thrive. The future-focused agenda centred around AI in recruitment, inclusive hiring, candidate experience, employer branding, data-driven hiring and ecoming overall more resilient as an industry.

From global enterprises to startups and everything in between, Talent Acquisition experts took to the stage to give their views on current industry trends and strategies for the future of hiring.

Beyond knowledge gained from the event agenda, the BOOSTA team were also able to actively engage with fellow industry professionals, thought leaders, and potential partners.

We also made our mark in an unconventional way by becoming the unofficial sponsors of Stevenage train station; the transport hub for Recfest. This included vibrant branded floor stickers around the station, branded t-shirts, QR codes for guests to unlock hidden prizes, and stickers places strategically around the venue. The unconventional branding takeover drew attendees into the immersive BOOSTA experience, setting the stage for memorable encounters and engaging conversations.

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